Differences in how Browsers Render SVG

The good news about using SVG graphics on your site is that all modern browsers support them. You can use them just like images: <img src=”svg/logo.svg” /> As backgrounds in a style: .divstyle { background: url(svg/logo.svg); padding: 3px; } They also scale well, are small in size and can even …

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Genolve Launches!

Genolve officially launches today on the 205th anniversary of Darwin’s birth! GenolveĀ  uses simulated evolution to generate shapes. Breed shapes just like you might breed race horses or championship show dogs. Behind the scenes the site is using genetic algorithms that seek to mimic natural evolution by modeling mutation, selection …

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Genolve is in Beta Testing!

Stay tuned, while we focus on getting this new site launched. Also note that Bandrho Media Gallery is now discontinued and no longer supported. Athena Portal Manager is not accepting new clients but existing clients will continue to be supported.