Genolve Launches!

Genolve officially launches today on the 205th anniversary of Darwin’s birth! Genolve  uses simulated evolution to generate shapes. Breed shapes just like you might breed race horses or championship show dogs. Behind the scenes the site is using genetic algorithms that seek to mimic natural evolution by modeling mutation, selection and crossover. In artificial intelligence genetic algorithms are one of many optimization techniques. In this case the optimal solution is the best looking shape.

Genolve has been in development since 2009 when it started out as a 20% project. With the economic slow-down it ended being more like a 60% project. The name of the site is a word-mashup of: gene, genome, evolve, generate.

Try out Genolve here but don’t expect a Picaso on your first click;) give it at least 5 minutes to generate something cool.

The shapes are in a format called Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and this standard is just catching on though each browser does tend to render the shapes a little bit differently (kind of like how they rendered HTML differently not so long ago).  SVG animations can bring your browser to its knees. If this happens, simply avoid animated shapes which are marked with a dashed orange outline.

The Beta marker is still on the site because there are still a few rough spots. Only limited testing has been done for Safari and mobile devices. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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