Wild Web Widget is the creator of the Genolve website. Genolve generates designs using the power of evolution; whenever you click on a design new variations are automatically generated. Use these designs to create slideshows, blog post graphics, cover photos, music videos and more. The Genolve WordPress Toolkit brings the power of Genolve right to your website with seamless workflows.

How does it Work?

Genolve simulates the key evolutionary components of crossover and mutation using a technique called Grammatical Evolution applied to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG); a web format gaining traction for its strength in responsive web design. When you click on a shape, more are generated based on that shape. As an example if you wanted a shape with a thicker border you would click the one with the thickest border so far even if it wasn’t quite right. In the next round of shapes you will likely find one with a thicker border. Borders are easy enough to set via a GUI but where this technique really helps is more complex settings like filters; it saves you from having to learn about all the details of something like the SVG color matrix filter. You just click shapes until you get one just right.

Genolve OpenSource

Access Wikiquote or WikiMedia with the same API use by Genolve. Easily integrates in any project with a drop-in GUI that can be styled to match your application.

WikiQuote API and GUI

WikiMedia API and GUI