Create Fortune 500 Ads

This post focuses on creating ads. If you have no interest in ads just think ‘slider animation’ as they are very similar. Several Fortune 500 ads will be duplicated using the Genolve WordPress Toolkit; not an exact duplication but more of a way to show off some of Genolve’s features including some brand new features:

  • Change  layer order with drag and drop.
  • Falling effect and Spray placement can now be applied to text and images.
  • Block justify automatically adjusts font size to line text up in a neat blocks.
  • Corners and Patterns can now be resized.
  • The image selector is now integrated with image display for better work flow.

These are advanced tutorials so if you are new to Genolve, be sure to do the Quickstart first. Here is a tip to save on tab-switching: fire up Genolve on your desktop and these tutorials on a tablet. In all of these videos you can find the ad being duplicated at the beginning and Genolve’s final version posted below the video.

How to Create a Music Ad or Spotify Cover

This tutorial stacks a slide animation on top of falling effect animation with a text path animation. A tip on where to find text symbols beyond emojis.

Mouseover to see Genolve version with live SVG

Make a Car Ad or Slider

This tutorial highlights group animations applied to text and stickers.

Mouseover to see Genolve version with live SVG

Make an Energy Drink Ad or Slider

This tutorial makes clever use of the spray tool combined with group animations. A tip on how to grab shapes from other templates.

Mouseover to see Genolve version with live SVG

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