The Perfect Featured Image

After writing the perfect blog post it is tempting to grab an image off Google. That would be a mistake. Like it or not, the image is 50% of what is going to pull people in to read your post so it pays to get it right. Don’t even wait till the writing is done, devote a few brain cycles to what image would work while writing. You want an image that will:

  • Complement the topic of your post.
  • Be visually striking.
  • Also work on your website for all screen sizes from mobile to desktop.
  • Be copyright safe.

If you are using WordPress an essential plugin to have is the Genolve Toolkit. This plugin lets you create a featured image right in WordPress. You can even level up and make animations if desired. I used it to create the animation above AND my featured image all at the same time. Check out this video to see how easy it is.