Genolve WordPress Toolkit Genolve is Innovative Genolve is Creative & Modern
Genolve WordPress Toolkit
Artistic slideshows with choreographed animations, featured image editor, more...
Genolve is Innovative
Designs are generated using simulated evolution.
Genolve is Creative & Modern
Draw attention with unique design and interactive content.
Genolve WordPress Plugin
The Creative Slideshow Maker

Make creative multi-media slideshows freely mixing images, video, text and SVG. Optionally add background music. Design from scratch or use existing templates to save time.

Unlimited Animation Options

All the standard animations such as Fade-In, Zoom-In or Slide-In. Level up with realistic moving clouds, water, image filters and mind-blowing geometric animations.

Creative Design

Every shape or style you use is unique on the web. Genolve uses evolving shapes; whenever you click on a shape, new variations of that shape are automatically generated.


Premium Members can make slideshows fully interactive with buttons or game-like interactions powerful enough to construct a Rube Goldberg machine.

Copyright-safe Images and Video

When you need an image or video, gain peace of mind by using copyright-safe images from online sources like WikiCommons or Pixabay. WikiCommons has millions of images while Pixabay has a curated high-quality selection.

Easy Install

The plugin has no dependencies on other plugins, once you install and get an automatic API key, you are set to go.

SEO Optimized

When you make a slideshow, you can also generate a featured image that shows in social media posts. The image name can be optimized for SEO ranking in image search.

Our Skills
What are people making with Genolve?

Genolve is great for making eCards, coverphotos, memes, music videos, blog graphics and slideshows. 

Slide show
Blog post image
Music Video
Stunning Design

Vast library of curated web-ready images, videos and SVG stickers at your fingertips.

Amazing Free Extras

Falling snow effect, ornate separator Gutenberg Block, animated div backgrounds. Each  are like a whole separate plugin provided for free.

Easy Customization

Pick a template you like and easily swap in your own images or text.

Unique Solutions for Your Business
Social Media Ready

Quickly resize any design to post on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Easy Animations

Animate slideshows with and an easy graphical interface.

Premium Support

Premium members get three free support sessions over Zoom or email.

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Latest News

How to Make a Viral Music Video

Genolve lets you create music videos with music driven animations that perfectly synchronize movement to music. You make them right from your web browser for free with added features for Premium users. You can make videos perfectly sized for TikTok, Facebook, YouTube or dazzle your web visitors by posting the video in its full SVG glory...

Inspiration from Popular Websites

Spice up photos with graphic effects that grab attention not only on your website but when posted on Twitter or other social media. To help give inspiration we've scoured the web looking at some popular web sites to see what they are doing and then show you how to get the same design in Genolve...

What our Clients say about us

After you get past a slight learning curve, you too will come to love Genolve.


Premium Member

I have been using Genolve for a little over 6 months to jazz up the feature images of my blog posts. I create my own original artwork and have been immensely pleased at the ability to add movement, filters, transitions and other effects to help make my art pop out and be eye-catching in unexpected ways. Visit my site Sapience2112 to see examples of what I've done (link in my profile).

Martina Triston

Free version

Love using this for blog post images - I just post the topic of the blog and every time it finds the perfect image!


Free version

I started out using this to put titles on images to get better response when sharing a post on Facebook. Now i'm discovering more features and this thing is like a mini Illustrator or Inkscape but much easier because you just grab pre-made graphics. And u can animate them, had to watch the help vid to figure that out.

Jennifer Hill

Free version

Just awesome! I love using this tool!

Our latest

Arrows, Sports and Machine Masks

Masks have many uses in Genolve; masking an image, a background for text or when…

Path Animation Timing

Path animation is used to have an image or text follow a curving path. The…

Get answers

The plugin remotely uses the SVG designs on and the API key is used to link to your account on Genolve. It adds extra security.

Complex animations with high CPU load have a warning notice that should be heeded – which is to only show it a short time and don’t show multiple high CPU animations together. Also avoid using filters on fullscreen videos. After selecting a high CPU animation, change the selection menu to something without animations!

Users of the Genolve WordPress plugin can load images or video from the Media Library. Look for the WordPress icon just under the image search input. Anonymous users on must use either Pixabay or Wikipedia.

When saving the image or video make sure the permissions are set to private.

Unfortunately, SVG does not allow doing this. You can only pause or play the animation.

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